glosson raney "talking harmonica"

Answering my own question about Glosson Raney harp: 
Looked in Kim Field's Harmonicas, Harps and Heavy
Breathers.  Regarding the KW on the Glosson Raney
harp, "The most successful of the American harmonica
makers, both financially and in terms of the quaity of
their instruments were the William Kratt Company of
New Jersey, launched by former Hohner employees,..." 
The context of the discussion is the loss of Hohner
harmonicas during WWII.

Lonnie Glosson says in the interview that "They was
just as good as Hohners. Kratt was the president of
Hohner whenever Hitler took over.  He left Germany to
come to the United Sates...He was 103 when they
arrested him for drunk driving."

In the interview with Wayne Raney, Raney says, "We did
taped shows for two hundred thirty different radio
stations, and in a five-year stretch we sold over five
million harmonicas."  Seems like he is talking about
the late 40's.

And, thanks Tim B. for the info/tips.

- --john k. 


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