re: interesting article

I wear sunglasses when I perform. It helps me get into character, helps me 
pretend I don't have stage fright. Yes, I usually wear something outrageous 
like a Hawiian shirt for the same reason. You are right. It is goofy. It is 
inauthentic. Too bad. It's fun. 

If rock players aren't allowed to play blues, then are bllues musicians 
allowed to play rock? What do you do with people like Johnny Johnson who 
played with Chess, played on most of Chuck Berry's stuff, and played with 
Count Basie? And who was that playing bass on all of Chuck Berry's old 
stuff? Willie Dixon. Does that make him a rocker? Is Paul Butterfield a rock 
musician playing blues or a blues musician playing rock? Where's B.B. King 
get off putting string sections in blues music anyway? Heck Jimmy Vaughn had 
backup singers with him last time I heard him. 

Musicians tend to be an odd bunch, rarely sticking strictly to one genre, 
and often having a lot of fun playing all sorts of different stuff. Also, 
due to spending most of their lives inside practicing, they usually don't 
have good fashion sense or social skills. Look at it this way. You go to a 
blues festival. You see all these great blues acts plus you get to see Los 
Lobos. Hard to see any problem with that. Me, I'm going to go buy a beret. 

Rainbow Jimmy 

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