glosson-raney talking harmonica

An unexpected harmonica just showed up in the mail!  I
played harp accompaniment on a couple of  songs with a
singer/songwriter/guitarist from Texas a few weeks ago
at the Jackson Hole Hootenanny. His name is Bill Doss.
 He mentioned that his Dad was very good friends with
harmonica player Lonnie Glosson who, he said, played
with the Delmore Brothers.  I knew of Wayne Raney
playing with the Delmore's, but had not heard of
Lonnie Glosson.  Bill and I traded CD's, and he said
he would send me some of Lonnie's music.  So, not too
unexpectedly, a casette tape showed up today called
"All Gospel Harmonica" by Lonnie and Buck Glosson.

The surprise was a harmonica that Bill said in his
note "is one of Lonnie's that he used to sell on his
shows a long time ago."  It is a 10 hole and is in a
box with small, alternating white and silver diamonds
(squares on end).  The label on top of the box is
silver with blue lettering with Lonnie Glosson's name
in the upper left and Wayne Raney's in the upper
right.  In the middle in a small arc it says "TALKING"
and underneath says "harmonica."  

The bottom cover plate is similar to the label on the
box with the addition of a few musical notes and the
addition of the word "professional" prior to the
talking harmonica.  The comb is a faux wood plastic. 
The top cover plate says "BRASS BAND."  There are two
trumpets with their horns facing each other and the
letters WK in a circular form between the horns. 

Where else but on this list could I share this story
with folks who might appreciate it!  And how nice of
Bill Doss, huh?   

I know I can find out more about Lonnie Glosson pretty
easily, but does anybody know about the WK brass band
harmonica?--john k.

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