Re: Blues hats, shades, and capes?

>I don't own a beret, but I like wearing a hat.

   That's cool. Hey, I was kidding around. We were discussing things 
like rock bands headlining "blues" shows, and various other aspects 
and I thought it would be fun to drop in something about "costumes". 
I don't believe this particular issue has been addressed and I though 
it would be interesting to elicit a few replies as to what YOU (the 
harmonica community) thought about this subject, since costumes can 
REALLY set a mood.
   I have been known to wear a "watch-cap" (the orange one-like Jaques 
Cousteau), but I am loosing my hair from having had to wear a hat (on 
the job) for 27 1/2 yrs. In fact the loss is so great, I look like 
s**t (but then I've always looked like that anyway). I was thinking 
about wearing one (white canvas) at a gig. Wednesday I DID and when I 
took it off, everyone told me to put it back on.??

   I was just trying to get ANOTHER thread going as I have taken on 
the job of "town-clown"
Just think, somewhere there is a village in search of their lost 
idiot. Tsk Tsk Tsk

>First of all, it's much cheaper than Rogaine. But more than that, I like to
>dress up for a gig - especially at a new venue.

   Gotcha, BUT when we spoke at Columbus(02), I thought you HAD hair, 
or where you just taller?

>  So I often wear the cliche
>blues attire of a hat, leather vest, etc.

   Leather Vest huh? are you trying to tell me something? :)

>  I find that most club owners
>appreciate a "professional look" to their bands as opposed to guys who come
>in wearing ratty jeans and a t-shirt. It helps give the paying customers a
>sense that they are seeing a professional show.

   True. Nothing worse than watching a rat-bag street waif. I always 
thought that THIS was one of the reasons people look upon the 
harmonica with disdain. Of course IF the dude is good, I wonder how 
people feel then? I'll have to ask around.

>  Also, this may seem like
>another cliché, but there is something about putting on that hat that helps
>me change mindsets and transform myself from mild-mannered teacher by day to
>blues front-man at night - perhaps I need therapy.

   No, not at all. You have divided your life into two distinct 
segments and getting in the "Mood" would (psychologically) be easier 
if you were able to change certain aspects. After all, don't all the 
action super-heros change into their "Signature-Garb"?

>As for sunglasses, I don't usually wear them on stage because I like to be
>able to look at my audience, but if I have bright stage lights in my face, I
>pull a spare pair of shades out of one of my road cases.

   Ahaa, a man who thinks of everything, I like that.

>Finally, I'm not afraid to say that I think Rick Estrin looks cool. :-)
>Now, how do you all feel about wearing capes?

   Welllll, I don't know about a cape. THAT might be reaching. I used 
to have a clarinet which had (on it's bell) 13 "diamels". Whenever 
the thing moved around, the light beams spraying off the thing went 
all over the room. Another (KNOWN) player told me to get rid of the
rhinestones because quote "When you can play like Benny Goodman, you 
can get away with that". I removed the stones/gimmick.


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