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Greeting fashion conscious harpers,

Where I live they have a little thing called the New Orleans Jazz and
Heritage Festival every spring. Even though it's billed as a "Jazz" event,
the acts run the gamut. In fact out of half a dozen or more stages, there is
only ONE devoted to what most people would call pure jazz. The rest is a
gumbo consisting of gospel, blues (all flavors), afro-caribbean, R&B, brass
band, both modern funk and second line, latin, pop, punk, new wave, CW,
cajun, zydeco, you name it. It's not unusual to see cats playing jazz one
day and reggae, pop, CW what have you the next. You'll see guys like Reggie
Houston who playing horn for the likes of Irma Thomas one day and then
modern jazz the next. If you don't like what you see on one stage, keep
walking, you're bound to like something. What, you didn't like the Nevelles
doing their reggae thing. Come back tomorrow and catch Charles blowing the
soprano in the jazz tent. It's all mixed up, people wear what they want to
and people around here seem to like that way.

Of course I've heard that there are places where it's not taken for granted
that even your grandma swings.

Be cool,

Howard Chandler

Mandeville, LA

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> Re: Interesting article on the bluesI have NEVER seen Studebaker John
> Grimaldi without the "Beret"
> ...and he Sweats the Blues.... gads!... What a musician!
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>  Another of my pet peeves is guys playing blues wearing a "Beret". IF
> gonna play blues and IF you're gonna wear a BETTER be good. I
> think after hearing Norton Buffalo play, he is the ONLY guy (lately)
> quallified to wear a Beret. Besides?? Isn't a beret French?
>   Which begs the question "Who was the first blues-man (woman) to wear a
> Beret"?
> and more importantly..WHY??
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