Re: Bob's top ten reasons for wearing sunglasses

   Gee Bob, we were "just" kidding here. At least (I) 
was......sorry.....back to lurk, yeah right...............smo-joe

>At times you run across this itchy feeling that someone thinks 
>you're a poser just because you're wearing shades indoors. Here are 
>a few other reasons why people (myself primarily) may be wearing 
>their Ray-Bans.
>1) Can't find a convenient place to store them, so hang them on your nose
>2)Work as an electrician during the day, on lighting maintenance. 
>Looking up into lights all the time just gets to you after a while.
>3)Eye muscles twitch at times from over thirty years livin' with the 
>same woman.
>4)Don't want to get caught staring at women's breasts and have it 
>affect your standing in the gubernatorial race,,
>5)Don't want to get caught staring at women's behinds and have it 
>affect the situation when you and the wife get in the car for the 
>drive home,,
>6)Don't want to get caught sleeping while your best friend, wife, or 
>your boss pours out his (or her) soul to you.
>7)Stage lighting CAN be a bit bothersome.
>8)Mindful of a time gone bye,,especially if they are Ray-Ban 
>Wayfarers. (Blatant advertising ploy)
>9)Don't have time for the outside world, when your trying to 
>concentrate on the notes traversing your deepest soul.
>10)And yes,,they do look cool, so who cares if someone thinks that's odd.
>Bob, avid practicioner of "reality-based faux accessorizing"
>Give a listen to my latest blues album, entitled "I Don't Owe You NO 
>Damn Excuses, Thank You Very Much" Available on the Smelly Smerf 
>label (sic).
>Seriously, give it a break, fellas. It's None of your business who 
>wears what, when it comes down to it. I mean, exactly what have we 
>become,,"The Reality Police", that is, in a "blues" sense? Geez 
>Not to neglect the harp content,,,I play damn good, with or without 
>the shades.

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