Re: Interesting article on the blues

Good morning.
Had breakfast in lovely downtown Gary Indiana with my friend Smiling Hoover.
He was wearing a beret and I brought up the thread about blues, sunglasses,
berets, etc.

Hoover, who is currently more into late phase Coltrane than his old Albert
Ammons records, said:
"Sounds like some of you white boys are worried about who looks the most
black. Damn, y'all worse than women. Want to wear a beret? Then wear a
beret. Want to wear a dress? Then wear a f@@@kin' dress. When you playing
your brains out aint nobody in the house care if you be dressed plain and
straight or pimped-out. Its what you do up there with your mouth full. go
tell them that from me. "

so, anyway, that's Smiling Hoover's slant:>

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