Blues hats, shades, and capes?

I don't own a beret, but I like wearing a hat.

First of all, it's much cheaper than Rogaine. But more than that, I like to
dress up for a gig - especially at a new venue. So I often wear the cliche
blues attire of a hat, leather vest, etc. I find that most club owners
appreciate a "professional look" to their bands as opposed to guys who come
in wearing ratty jeans and a t-shirt. It helps give the paying customers a
sense that they are seeing a professional show. Also, this may seem like
another cliché, but there is something about putting on that hat that helps
me change mindsets and transform myself from mild-mannered teacher by day to
blues front-man at night - perhaps I need therapy.

As for sunglasses, I don't usually wear them on stage because I like to be
able to look at my audience, but if I have bright stage lights in my face, I
pull a spare pair of shades out of one of my road cases.

Finally, I'm not afraid to say that I think Rick Estrin looks cool. :-)

Now, how do you all feel about wearing capes?

Alec Drachman

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