Re: Rethinking Richter on the XB-40

Fernando wrote:

"The XB is really a very good instrument to be thought as an
extended Richter diatonic for 2nd position."

Indeed!  Even if you have no aspirations to play "chromatically", the XB's enharmonic
equivalents are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.   

My favorite enharmonic is the 4 draw whole step bend (C on a C harp) which gives you
the subdominant IV note in 2nd position.   Previously we had to get that note using the
relatively unexpressive and unbendable 4 blow.   Now we can hit the note fully bent,
let it up a little and play with it, giving it worlds of new feeling.

Also extending 2nd position is the 5 draw whole step bend (Eb on a C harp).  Previously
available only via overblow, this note is like having the key to the kingdom of 2nd
position blues!  For instance, try playing the "Help Me" or "Green Onions" riff on a
standard diatonic.   Works fine on the I chord but what do you do when you get to the
IV?   Lay out or fake it.   Not anymore!

Just these two notes, the 4 draw whole step bend and the 5 draw whole step bend are
worth the price of admission on an XB-40.   And they're both relatively easy to attain.

And they've both got enharmonic equivalents on the blow plane.

What a gas!

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