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Re: Interesting article on the blues   It all gets mixed into a gumbo =
sooner or later.  What I like about the blues is the regional aspect in =
the styles.
  The west Coast Jump,The Chicago, The NOLA groove,Texas Shuffle...etc.  =

  If I have one complaint it is guitarist's who are "Blues Hammers"  =
(rent the movie Ghost World for a big laugh!)

 Jimmy Day
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    "The shift has brought negative repercussions as well. Hadju notes =
that because so many of today's blues fans come from a rock background, =
blues guitarists are celebrated at the expense of vocalists, harmonica =
players and keyboardists. And blues has been watered down".

    A lot of the blues (of today) is nothing more than rock musicians =
PLAYING (AT) blues. To do the blues, you have to BE blues. Just dressing =
up in a ratty costume and trying to look poor (while sipping a Latte) =
doesn't make you " The blues". In fact, I hate to see guys wearing =
STUPID selections of clothing in an effort to look "Bluesy". True blues =
men just wore the clothing that was prevalent for the times (while =
possibly a little rumpled).

    Another of my pet peeves is guys playing blues wearing a "Beret". IF =
you're gonna play blues and IF you're gonna wear a BETTER be =
good. I think after hearing Norton Buffalo play, he is the ONLY guy =
(lately) quallified to wear a Beret. Besides?? Isn't a beret French?

    Which begs the question "Who was the first blues-man (woman) to wear =
a Beret"?
  and more importantly..WHY??

    "In a similar vein, I detest having nonblues artists on a blues =
bill. Los Lobos is one of the finest, most intriguing rock acts to ever =
strap on guitars, but there's no reason the East Los Angeles veterans =
this spring should have headlined the Stockton Blues Festival".

    Interesting, and I agree. The other night,I was watching a program, =
something about "Road to New Orleans" or some drivel. Yes, they DID hit =
on a bit of Zydeco & Dixie-land, BUT OVER HALF the program gravitated =
back to the Neville Bros. AND the best IS; they were playing =
RAGGAE/R&B/Afro-Beat stuff. This is NOT what NOLA is known for.

    I was starting to get "Vomituous" and "whacked" the channel button.


    End of quotes..

    At the Long Beach blues festivel this year the headliners were the =
Neville brothers, a pop/R&B group.  Go figure.


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