re: Interesting Article on Blues & Berets

smokey joe wrote:
"Another of my pet peeves is guys playing blues
wearing a "Beret". IF you're gonna play blues and IF
you're gonna wear a BETTER be good. I
think after hearing Norton Buffalo play, he is the
ONLY guy (lately) quallified to wear a Beret.
Besides?? Isn't a beret French?
 Which begs the question "Who was the first blues-man
(woman) to wear a Beret"?
and more importantly..WHY??"

aside from the fact that the phrase "begs the
question" isn't being used correctly (oops, wait, this
isn't grammar-l...) i've seen photos of both Kim
Wilson and Big Walter Horton (inarguably TRUE BLUE)
wearing berets. i think Sugar Blue wore one too, on
one of his CD covers. 
that said, i think the beret thing's pretty much done
with. but not because they're french. lest we forget,
our beloved harps are GERMAN.... ;)
as for non-blues bands headlining blues gigs, yeah,
that would bug me too. but sometimes, that's what gets
people out to see these blues bands, i would think. it
may, at times, just be a "necessary evil". i also hate
it when people talk about "the blues" but are really
talking about jazz. drives me up the wall, frankly.

oh, and i can't get the article link to work. help,


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