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    Actually, now that I'm getting used to my A XB-40, I'm finding what Rick
Epping says is "right on",
he tells us NOT try and hit it too hard, but use a more diaphragmatic
approach to breathing. That is relax and open up and bring your air in from
your diaphragm. Since the XB is a pretty tightly sealed axe, you don't have
to push alot of air to get response, so I'm now adjusting to this and
getting nicer results. The Harp is pretty loud, also because of the plastic
comb you'll want to bring in that breathing resonance to "warm & round out
the tone"......rob paparozzi

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> Hey Rob!  I just received my XB-40 and its also in A.   My first reaction
was that it
> required a little more wind than I'd expected, but you probably LIKE that!
:>  If I
> could gap mine a little lower I would, but for now I'll just adjust.
> I haven't tried anything jazzy yet.  But I'm having a lot of fun playing
mine in 3rd
> position "Little Walter" style on tunes like "I'm Ready" and "I Just Want
to Make Love
> To You".  The XB-40 has that tone almost like a chromatic harp anyway, so
it works real
> well on those tunes.
> More later!
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