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Hi Stephen,
    Great story how a tune can sneak up on ya' like that! BLT is a primo
instrumental, which really represents Lee's playing, I loved that track from
the first time I heard it back in the 70's!....Did they release that LP on

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> A late entry, but I don't think anyone mentioned it: "BLT" on Lee Oskar's
> eponymous first album is in C on an F harp.  Fun tune that takes advantage
of the
> regular F harp's qualities.
> For me, it was one tune that I loved long before I played harp; some daily
> radio show used it as their theme.  Got the album after I started playing,
> when I heard "BLT" for the first time in years, I realized I could play
> whole thing.  Many people have  probably had one of those epiphanies--I'd
> curious to know what some of those tunes were for other people.  Maybe
> doesn't happen to those who were already musicians, but it's a big
breakthrough for
> those who learned everything musical on the harmonica, that being able to
> a tune accurately for the first time.
> Stephen Schneider
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