Re: Lee Oskar Meoldy Maker Harps

Hello Eric, hello Mike.

Since these songs are pretty easily found in MIDI format, you might want to
take a look at Javier Argomedo´s software called harping, at It´s really worth the price, and Javier is
pretty open to suggestions to improve the software. It´s a shame he has sold
so many copies.

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From: "Eric Brown" <eric_brown1998@xxxxxxxxx>

> Mike,
> I would like to play show tunes such as "Somewhere
> Over The Rainbow", songs from West Side Story, i.e.
> "There's A Place For Us" or "Somewhere" as well as
> some of the more traditional "American Songbook", like
> Sinatra's "The Summer Wind" or "It Was A Very Good
> Year". Tabs would be great if you could supply them.

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