Re: About the Hohner Comet

Fernando Javier Toral writes from Argentina:
"A friend of mine asked me about these "double" harps, that seem to
two harmonicas integrated in one body. Do any of you have any
experience on using these?"

The "double harps" generally fall into two categories, octave and
tremolo.  The octave harps use two reeds tuned an octave apart.  The
tremolo harps use two reeds tuned very close to one another and produce
a waivering, vibrato effect.  The layout of notes are usually in a
Richter pattern.    I've used them to emulate button accordians in
cajun, zydeco and even Irish tunes (yes, Steve, even Irish).  Both are
useful for adding a certain flavor to different songs.   

Howard from Mandeville mentions emulating accordions in cajun music.  I
do a version of Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas' "Watch That Dog"  In the
right context these harps are very useful.  He also says "I wish I'd
gotten the single G first. Then I could buy the Double in C/F and have
them all."  I've managed to collect a number of octaves and tremolos in
different keys from eBay.  Mostly, these are antiques and some require a
fair amount of TLC to be made usable again.  Point being, you can get
more than C, F and G.

An alternative octave harp to the Comet is an Auto Harp or the
Concert-tuned Marine Band.  Both are octave tuned.  I found older ones
that play well, but the new ones I've tried were way too leaky off the

Best Regards to All,

Larry Boy Pratt  

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