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On Thursday, September 04, 2003 5:05 PM [GMT-7=PDT],Eric Brown
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> Can anyone recommend a list of tunes and keys suitable
> for the Melody Maker harps?

The only difference between a MM in G and a major diatonic in C is:

3B A G
5D F# F
9D F# F

And of course the MM is labeled in "crossharp" or 2nd position, whereas
major diatonjics are labeled in 1st position.  Essentially, they take a C
major diatonic, retune three reeds, and relabel it a G melody maker.

You gain a major 7th on 5D an d9D in 2nd position.  The 5D can be bent down
to a natural 7th.  You lose the Ab you used to get on 3Dbbb.  Your low note
blow chord is a C6 or Am7.

The <ahem> major advantage of MM over MD is you can play 2nd position and
get the major 7th.  This means yo ucan play pretty much any song in Ionian
major on the MM in 2nd position.  I'd venture to say offhand that there are
more songs written in straight Ionian major than any other mode.  Misty
comes to mind.  It has a M7 and nat7, but you have both on the MM.

What style(s) of music do you like?  Tell me some of your favorite tunes,
and more specifically, some tunes YOU want to learn, and I'll let you know
what's really easy, what's doable with some work, and the ones you may want
to skip for the time being.  If I have time, I'll tab 'em out.  Otherwise,
I'll let you know the first few notes, and you should be able to take it
from there.

We might as well keep this on the list.

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