Re: Lee Oskar Meoldy Maker Harps

You could do like I do.  Whenever I think I'm working too hard to find those
missing notes, I try a MM, or a Nat. Minor.  When I find something that
feels good and sounds right, I go for it.  Not scientific, but it works for
me.  It helps to know a little theory so you're not trying a million
different harps.

Howard Chandler

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> >Can anyone recommend a list of tunes and keys suitable
> >for the Melody Maker harps?
> >
> >I just got a set of them and would like to start
> >working with them to see what they can do.
> >
> >Thanks, all.
> >
> >Eric in L.A.
> >
> >_
>    By melody maker, are you referring to the ones with a 5 & 9 draw
> taken UP 1/2 tone?
>    If so, I hit on that idea (quite by accident) in 1959, and just
> make them from standard spl-20s. You can play almost ANY pop tune,
> and quite a few show tunes with it. It will REALLY open up
> possibilities...........smokey-joe
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