Re: Rethinking Richter on the XB-40

Robert Paparozzi" <chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
"So I spent a few hours yesterday in Cross (2ndPos) to see and jotted =
down some tunes that felt pretty comfy and all the notes were there with
 the extra bends (with some tasty twist and turns for embellishment
too!) =
etc: <snip>... Misty... <snip>".

Hey Rob,
You should be getting a commission on XB-40 sales!  What a great post.
You've got me seriously thinking about getting one now.  My first
thought was that it would be a distraction from trying to improve my
normal Richter harp playing, e.g. more accurate draw bends, cleaner blow
bends, etc. etc.  I still need to do that for sure, but the XB may just
be too much (fun) to pass up.

Anyway, a question about Misty.  I always thought that it was pretty
playable on a regular diatonic in 2nd position without overblows.
Perhaps there are a few spots in the bridge that need it, but I guess
I've just been faking those.

I'm still a little concerned that if one doesn't have a pretty good
mastery of all the bends on a regular diatonic then playing an XB-40
would be a frustrating experience, but I guess I'll never know until I
try it.  Thanks for your insights. (Cool BB pix, by the way).

Fred S

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