XB-40/ 11th Position

This afternoon I had a couple of hours to fool around with my new XB-40.   Man, its not
easy hitting some of those bends cleanly, especially the half-step bends.  But its not
impossible either, it's going to take a lot of practice but I'm already getting some
positive results.  

For instance, 11th position on the XB is really nice for some jazz tunes like "Out of
Nowhere" or "Confirmation" except that the tonic note isn't easy.   You can use the 3
draw 1/2 step bend like on an ordinary diatonic, or you can use the new 4 blow whole
step bend.   

My early attempts at the 4 blow whole step bend were pathetic, I couldn't even hit it
at all without bending down to it.  Well you know what the cure for that was!  Drill,
drill, drill!  I played "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles makes the very best Choc-late" in 11th
position starting on the 4 blow whole step bend for 10 minutes,  gave it a rest and
came back for another 10 minutes, etc.  and now I can hit it pretty well even if I pick
up the harp cold.

The XB-40's advantage in 11th position really shows the next octave up where, on a
diatonic harp you'd need the 6 overblow to hit the tonic but on the XB-40 its the
relatively easy 7 blow whole step bend.

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