Re: About the Hohner Comet

>From: Fernando Javier Toral <ftoral@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

>Subject: About the Hohner Comet
>Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 16:36:03 -0300

>A friend of mine asked me about these "double" harps, that seem to have
>two harmonicas integrated in one body. Do any of you have any experience
>on using these?
>Fernando Toral

Hello Fernando.

I've had a C Comet for years, but to be honest I haven't found much use for 
it.  They are double-reeded, but instead of the two reeds in each hole being 
just slightly tuned apart they are tuned an octave apart.  You can do such 
things as play just one row of holes so as to cut out the octave sound, and 
bending is quite easy if you do that, but I don't really see much point in 
all that.  A major hassle I've found is that if you don't keep the reed pair 
tuned exactly an octave apart you get ugly-sounding "beats," and I've found 
an irritating tendency for reeds to go very slightly out a bit too 
frequently, resulting in this undesirable effect.  They are great for the 
very occasional novelty turn, but somehow I can't see 'em ever entering the 
mainstream!   Only an opinion!

All the best

Steve Shaw.

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