new humble little pub amp

My wife just bought me a little battery/mains amp for my birthday.  It's a 
Yamaha VA10, it cost a hundred quid (UK rip-off price), it delivers 6 watts 
(I think), has distortion, chorus (neither of which I care for much) and a 
variable delay, which adds a nice touch of warmth when set low.  It has 
high/low inputs and controls for volume, treble, middle and bass.  It's just 
great for pub sessions or street busking.  The only drawback is that it 
doesn't have a rechargeable battery, but so far I've managed to find a mains 
socket in most of my venues, so I view the battery option as something to 
resort to occasionally.  For what it is it sounds pretty good (I'm told), 
quite a full-blooded sound, and it's as good as gold with my green bullet as 
long as I don't set the bass too high.  It weighs about as much as a 
six-pack of beer and has a lovely brown leather carry-handle, just to 
destroy any last vestiges of street-cred.  It won't exactly set the Shea 
Stadium alight, but I'm dead chuffed with it.  If I ever get across the big 
pond you'll easily spot me - I'll be the guy with the little amp with the 
lovely carry-handle, playing an Irish jig.

Steve Shaw.

Want more than the blues?  Try Irish!

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