New Harp Friendly Jam - Bill's Blues

I'm not big on open jams but occasionally I like to torture myself and go out 
to one that I've never been to before. So last night I cruised over to the 
open jam at the brand new, "Bill's Blues" in Evanston, IL. and I must say it was 
really a great little jam -- lots of strong players who know what they're 
doing on stage and are a blast to play with. Katherine Davis does a fine job 
hosting the jam and keeps things moving along with the able-bodied help of harp-l 
member, the soulful Mr. G.

Occasionally on harp-l, folks post to ask about harp-friendly jams in cities 
that they're visiting, and I just want to say if you're visiting Chicago, or 
better yet if you're already here and looking for a solid jam on Tuesday 
nights, look no further than Bill's Blues in Evanston. Hats off to Bill Gilmore who 
has done it again with a very cool new blues club in the metro Chicago area. 
The place has a great vibe and I look forward to spending a lot more time 

BTW, James Cotton will be playing at Bill's on Friday Sept. 19. In an age 
where post-war blues harp masters are getting a tad scarce, this is one not to 

T. Albanese

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