RE: Reed plate swap-outs

Steve Shaw says:

> My numero uno harp for my
> Irish tunes is the Sp20 low D which I tune to equal (and Paddy
> Richter - him again).  I love 'em.  You can get them in other low keys

You're playing the MS version of the S20, then?
Sort of a Big River (MS Marine Band) plastic comb with Blues Harp-shaped
covers, innit?
What reed plates does that use - the heavier "Cross Harp" plates or the
lighter BR ones?
The BR comes in all the low keys here (USA), and I think the (HM) 1896 MB
does, too, so I figure I could make 'em if I had to.

I'm less afraid of cutting all 'round the outside of a plate & putting new
bolts thru it than trying to re-tune it much. Adjusting a couple reeds a few
cents I can manage - it's them BIG 3 semi-tone jumps that are "skeery"!

- -Scorcher

PS (BTW I have learned from Michael Easton that Farrell stocks GMs in some
of the Low keys, so my problem is probably solved.)

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