Re: Reed plate swap-outs (offlist)

Jp wrote:
>      ok, i don't know anything about this, but wouldn't it also be 
> possible to swap low D reeds from say, a low D Big River to the 
> Golden Melody's reedplate? you know, knocking out the rivets 
> and whatnot. probably easier than all that wok on the plate, and 
> less risky than tuning a hrp down 5 semitones? feel free to reply 
> to the list

Actually, in this specific example it is NOT possible.  MS reedslots are 
different dimensions than the reedslots of handmade harps.  It would be 
possible, however, to take all the reeds from a low D Marine Band and install 
them in a long slot plate from a Golden Melody.  I, for one, wouldn't want to 
do this very often.  It's a lot of work getting reeds to respond properly in 
their slots, and I think I'd have better luck with a plate modification than a 
total reedset replacement.  Others with different experience and skills will 
probably disagree, but to each his own.

- -tim

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