Re: Here's a weird one

On a 270 you don't need to switch the reedplates. Just disassemble 
the mouthpiece (requires a screwdriver) and flip the slider upside 
down. This doesn't work on corss-tuned chromatics like the Chrometta, 
CX-12 or the various modern Hohner 64s, but it does work on 270s and 
Herings. Some players acll this a "flat-slide" setup, as the note 
goes down instead of up in pitch when you press the button.


flip the slider upside down insude the mouthpiece, which can be done 
in a few minutes with a screwdriver

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I have a new student, who's 70 years old.  He brought his Hohner 
Chromonica, 12 hole.  He's had it since he was fifteen.  Never done a 
thing to it.  Here's the weird thing.  The top plate is in C sharp, 
and the button drops it to C.  It has always been that way.  I have a 
Celtic tuned Herring G to F sharp, but I can't imagine a chromatic 
harp tuned deliberately to C sharp.  Were they made that way years 
ago, or is it that somebody had switched the plates around, and is 
that possible?  Bullfrog

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