Re: Reed plate swap-outs

>From: "Tim Moyer" <wmharps@xxxxxxxxx>

>Scorcher wrote:
> > Is there any way to "make-up" Low-Octave Golden Melody's? I love my
> > GMs, and I love Low D, E, & F keys....
> > Can an MS or HM reedplate be subbed in there - maybe by cutting down
> > the outer dimensions>>

>Tim wrote:
>You might think about retuning.  I have taken some of the
>low "normal" keys down on old handmade Meisterklasses for which new
>plates are no longer available.  I once tuned an Ab down to low F for
>Rick Barker, and it turned out very nice.  In the old days I did it
>with solder weights on the reed tips, though these days I'd probably
>do 3 semitones without weights.
>If you start with a G (the lowest commonly available now), tuning
>down to low F is only a two semitones, E is only 3 semitones, not too
>bad.  Getting to low D (five semitones) might be challenging without
>supplimental weights.  Check the archives for various people's advice
>on how to weight reeds for retuning.  I'll still choose solder.

I think Golden Melodies are tuned to equal temperament, whereas the other 
Hohners are "between" Just and equal (somebody may correct me).  So to use 
any other Hohner plates, without any of Tim's major retunes, you'd have to 
fine-tune if this difference matters to you.   My numero uno harp for my 
Irish tunes is the Sp20 low D which I tune to equal (and Paddy Richter - him 
again).  I love 'em.  You can get them in other low keys too.

All the best

Steve Shaw

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