Re: RE. Butterfield and F harp.

Robert Paparozzi <chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Yep! that was a cool butter solo, recorded about a week before he died ("sky is cryin"), another butter goodun' on an F harp in (Cm) is his recording on better days 1st lp of the Nina Simone Classic "Nobody's fault but mine"
....rob p
.I  was interested to discover from rob's message that Butter died so shortly after the aforementioned performance.I was aware that he had passed on some years ago but have read various reports as to when and how he departed eg; O.D ,heart attack or liver failure from the juice.Can anyone clarify this for me.  
Apologies for the morbidity of this request but the med-school dropout part of me persists and Butter's playing drew me to the wonders of the harp.Driftin and driftin live continues to floor me on each listening
thanks sean.     

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