SPAH - better late than never

Hi - I just got back from my first ever SPAH (took my
time travelling before going home) - i probably missed
quite a few threads about it, but I just wanted to say
I had the time of my life!
So many great harmonica players out there, and all of
themfriendly and generous about spreading their
knowledge around! The best part of SPAH is the spirit
of freindliness and generosity - when world-class
harmonica players go out of their way to compliment
you on your playing, it's a great shot in the arm,
really motivates you to play.
On the first day, I was intimidated - I heared what
other players were doing and was afraid to play next
to them! The great thing was - no-one ever gave you
the feeling like they're "looking down their nose" at
I made so many friends (and finally put faces to some
harp-l names) - I just want to thank all of you who
were there for making me feel welcome, and for a great
I don't know when I'll be able to do it again (it's an
expensive trip for me) but I'll definitely look for
the next possible opprtunity to participate in SPAH
Best wishes to y'all (as they say in Texas)
Dov Hammer
Tel Aviv, Israel

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