Tom Ball's Latest . . .

No harmonica content, but featuring one of our favorite harpers - I pass 
this on to all of Tom Ball's fans, regarding his newest release of the 
second of his solo guitar CDs. This one features selections previously 
   played only on classical (nylon string) guitar, but Tom has done the 
entire album on solo steel string guitar - to perfection!

Tom says:

Dear Music Pals,

Am happy to announce that NPR's 'All Things Considered' has chosen to 
feature a piece from "18 Pieces for Solo Steel String Guitar" on the 
inaugural edition of "Open Mic" -- a new music review show/website which 
runs in conjunction with 'All Songs Considered.'  You're invited to hear 
a piece from the CD and check out Open Mic at:

God bless NPR! :)

thanks to all & cheers,

and to you also, Tom.


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