Inspiration: F Harps


I could be wrong but I think ~I believe I'm In Love
With You~ [Kim Wilson/B. Raitt live version- there are
3] is an F harp in 2nd position. I know I used an F-
and, at least, the bass player was in C. Lots of fun
to play.

Course that was Germany, and half the time the guitar
player would lecture us that ~key~ was not ~tonart~
and ~tonart~ was not consistant throughout a song
[which was his excuse for being in Bb or G]. :->

- -----------------------
> I'm searching for inspiration...
> What are some of the best songs you can remember
> where the harp player used
> second position on an F harp (key of C). I know a
> lot of guys use the low F
> harp but I'm looking for solos done with a regular F
> harp.
> Any favorites? New or classic!
> Thanks,
> Tim Bennett
> Indianapolis, IN

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