Fwd: Yahoo archives/read if you're curious

michael polesky wrote:
>Tim Moyer asks
>> I noticed that a who harp-l-friends returns roughly twice as many
>> subscribers as harp-l itself, so I suspect that a lot of people are
>> missing any chance to see these dropped posts if they are relying 
>> (like myself) on the Yahoo interface.
> Regarding the lists, regular harp-l is at 351 subscribers, friends 
> is at 51.  51 is not twice as many as 351.  

My bad, I was comparing the number of *digest* subscribers (810) to 
the number of regular list subscribers (350).

I think the harp-l team is doing a hell of a job keeping this 
wonderful resource alive and available, I wasn't faulting anyone for 
the Yahoo archives problems.  I just assumed it was a random event, 
as I never see a bounce message from Yahoo, and the posts do go 
through to the list and the digest.  The Yahoo interface doesn't 
allow bcc's, so I know that's not the problem.  Just curious if there 
was something I was doing wrong.

- -tim

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