Daily Almanac - September 1

The great Blackie Schackner was born on this day in 1917.  A harmonica
player's harmonica player, Blackie began his career in the 1930's, playing
with various bands and was soon working on Broadway in various settings.
Since World War Two he's been a world-class soloist and holds the
distinction of being the only harmonica player to be featured in Ripley's
Believe it or not!  He's one heck of a nice guy and I'm sure we all wish him
the very happiest of birthdays!!!

Blues harmonica player Henry Strong was born on this day in 1928.  Strong
joined Muddy Waters band for a very short time in 1954, replacing Walter
Horton.  He would have gone farther, except that his girlfriend stabbed him
to death.

That's all I have for today.  Have fun and practice.

Peter Krampert, author
The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

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