Re: My Ultimate Harp Amp: Pictures and Sound Samples

I wrote:
> Some years ago I embarked on a mission to build my ultimate 
> harp amp.  After more than six years and much on-again/off-again 
> working on it, I finally have it "finished".  I am very pleased 
> with the results, just thought I'd share my experience.  

I now have pictures and sound samples (such as they are) on a website 
if anyone's interested.  The pictures are on three web pages:

And the sounds are at:

The pictures are small (320x240), but there are a lot of them.  The 
sound samples are not very good quality, but I wanted to get 
something up quick, and the only recorder I had available was Windows 
Sound Recorder.  

Hope you enjoy them, I know I'm enjoying the amplifier!

- -tim

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