Re: Amp Settings for Blues Deluxe


    I've been using this amp for about 8 years, Your settungs are about the
same as mine, but I don't use the DRIVE/MASTER at all and I can crank the
amp with out feedback. However I use an SM-57 mic. It's a nice lightweight
amp. I 'm thinkin' of getting the newer version with more wattage. But this
one is serving me well....hope this helps..........................rob

> Bob and Mojo have good advice on amp settings for Sandra's Blues Junior.
> What would you guys do with a Blues Deluxe?  I sometimes run into Feedback
> problems.  I ultimately end up playing at low volume and mic'ing the amp
> through the PA.  I suppose the first thing to do is replace the pre-amp
> tubes with AY's.  I tend to set up like this, knobs go from 1 - 12.
> Volume: 2-3
> Drive: 4
> Treb: 3
> Bass: 10-11
> Mid: 3
> Master: 3
> Reverb: 3
> Presence: 1
> What settings would you recommend?  Anyone else?
> I have a Rocktron Hush noise reduction unit in the mail.  How will that
> change the settings?
> Best Regards to All,
> Larry Boy Pratt
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