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With all due respect,

As deserving as these guys (Musslewhite, Butterfield, etc) are to be the =
true messengers of the faith, you can't deny that in terms of pure =
numbers of ears reached, the Brits outsold these guys by a mile. I think =
that another point made in this film, one not really mentioned here is =
the impact that the great original blues legends had on the Brits. I =
used to rub elbows with the guy playing piano on those sessions (Jon =
Cleary) years ago in New Orleans, and I never met such a knowledgeable =
(and talented) blues scholar. I recall him saying that the degree of =
reverence toward the old masters felt by these British blokes is =
genuinely fervent. These guys really study this stuff (and Jazz too) and =
I would bet their knowledge even rivals that of some of the most ardent =
blues hounds on this list. It may only be a myth, but it's one I still =
believe, that the average European knows more about our music than the =
average American.

Howard Chandler

Who also recalls that in the '70's friends who were playing for tips in =
the states, were playing festivals in Europe.=20

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     If anyone bridged the blues from Chicago to a wider general market =
and listening audience, it was, Paul Butterfield, Mike Bloomfield, and =
Charlie Musslewhite. I remember real clearly (and my memory usually =
stinks) hearing Paul B. for the first time in the mid sixties and it was =
nothing like anything I had EVER heard before. A great intro to the =
blues. The Stones were into the Blues, but in the sixties I feel it was =
these other guys who sealed the open market for traditional as well as =
progressive Blues. Of course, IMHO.=20
                               chris mastakas 

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