PBS blues documentary

Best parts of the series for me were the real clips of some blues greats
Worst parts were some very bad "performers" who couldn't sing their way out
of a bathroom shower. To wit: Beck and what's-his-name? the aging rocker who
moaned about "Heroin" about 35 years ago. (When I was in college. He can't
sing any better now. It's not even singing to me.)
There are so many fine performers out there and lots of "unsung heroes" in
the bars all all over the country. So why not Gary Primich or Jerry Portnoy
or Magic Slim or Guitar Slim from the East Side of Cleveland?  Someone who
is keeping real blues alive (and I'm not a purist, please believe me) Not
someone who has fame and fortune but no blues credentials.
I missed Eastwood's piano segment, which I suspect was good. Piano great
Barry Harris, with whom I studied improv (as a vocalist), played on the
sound track of the "Bird" movie and spoke very highly of Clint around that
Some of the re-creation stuff was good. I liked the black and white
hand-cranked camera scenes in one film about country blues artists.

Harmonica Blu

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