Re: I want a xb40.

   I was very unhappy with my XB-40, when I finally did get it. So, tonight, 
I broke down and took it apart and gapped the draw reeds. It really only 
needed the first five re-gapped. That improved it tremendously. I guess I should 
have realized that if I need to do that with out-of-the-box Special 20s, this is 
likely no different in that respect.
   So now it's more playable and I seem to have figured out the blow bends on 
the bottom end much better. Still, it's a challenge for me. When I had it 
apart, I found the low draw reeds had what I felt were deep gouges in them from 
the tuning process. Sure seems like this would weaken those reeds 

Steve "Moandabluz" Webb
still a fool for the harp

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