UPDATE #2 - "The Disc" (long)

IMPORTANT: Please keep all communication with Scorcher regarding "The
Disc" OFFLIST - let's watch the bandwidth.
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OK, we now have at least 50 contributors to the "online harmonica
disc" - and we haven't finished contacting all the folks we want to!
At this rate, we expect to offer 150-200 songs from up to 100

Here's the game plan:

We'll post at least twice a week through the end of the year to insure
we have all the pledges for contributions to the disc we can get, BUT
we're going to cap it at 200 submissions.

Then, in early January, the real work begins - we'll start collecting
the musical contributions. For the purpose of collecting musical
contributions and pre-payment, we'll use a P.O. box, so we can post
the address on a public forum.

For those of you who can send music in different formats, here's what
we prefer:

MP3 - high bit-rate, with ID3 Tag.
OR, Audio CD with a note
OR, Audio tape (least preferred method, and least reliable - I have
NOT yet determined how to convert it to MP3.
NOTE: We want NO MORE THAN 2 submissions per contributor - sorry, but
we have to set a limit somewhere, and this is what the "executive
commitee" came up with. Please don't put us in the position of having
to select for you - you know what you're most proud of - just send
that. If you only want to send one, that's fine. Please don't send
more than 2.

The musical format is WIDE OPEN. They can be covers, originals, with
or without accompaniment. It would really be outstanding if we could
have some tremolo, chord, bass, harmonetta, chordomonica, classical,
klezmer, country, gospel, jazz, old-time, celtic, cajun, french
canajun...don't let your selection be limited by these suggestions.
Have fun with it - you get the point. You're making music for
harmonica lovers - try to surprise them, if that's your thang!

We'd really like to have a note from you (preferably in some
electronic format - you could email it, for instance) describing the
song(s), your back-up accompanist(s) if any, your rig - anything you
want to include (NOTE: this is the ONLY part of your contribution we
reserve the right to edit).

We'll allow about 3-6 weeks for everyone to get their groove on, then
we'll "close the door" on submissions.

Once re-formatting & burning the first disc is complete, we'll solicit
pre-payment for all the copies that will be made (hey, you're just
gonna have to trust me - where am I gonna go?), then once all
pre-payments are made (2-3 weeks from solicitation) we'll post a
notice that no more requests will be accepted, and within 2 weeks from
THAT notice, your disc will be mailed.

By the way:
The Disc will be MP3 and text files only. No jpegs, video, or wave
The Disc will be produced on the cheap - no cover art (no cover!).
The Disc will be mailed via USPS, in a cardboard mailer.

We're doing everything we can to keep costs down, to make this little
page of history accessible.

Continue to talk it up through the holidays.
Early Jan: Post the PO box for submissions.
Late Feb (or earlier, if we get overwhelmed) close the window for
submissions (We'll give you a little warning).
Early Mar - request pre-payment for all those interested in discs.
April 15th? Ship discs.

Why ask for submissions on a different schedule than pre-payment?
'Cause we don't want to keep your money longer than we have to!

I don't know how we can accelerate this schedule - we want everone
interested to have a chance to participate, and this is a "side job",
so please try to be patient, and thanks!
- -Scorcher

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