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> Bullfrog says:
> I like the idea of a disc, like Scorcher.  Who would do It?

I have volunteered to - IF we get enough interest.

Here's my proposal:

I'd like to hear a disc of harmonica recordings from the online
harmonica community. The reason I am choosing this (disc) format to
"publish" is that I'm the only one volunteering to to the heavy
lifting. I like the idea of a disc. If you want to do some other
version of this, I'd be happy to cooperate with you. But this version
will be on disc, if we have response.

I'm envisioning this as a "low-tech" casual compilation of
contributions (!!) from harmonica players all over our online
community. It's NOT intended to be a "brag" disc - just a way for us
to know more about each other. Those of us (like ME) with "less than
intermediate" skills need not shy away - we want to hear you at
whatever level of development you're at - there are PLENTY of HOT
players - we don't all have to be one of 'em. The typical submission
might sound like it was recorded at a gig, an open mic, or in
someone's living room or garage. BTW, this is not exclusively a Blues
disc! I'd love to hear a BROAD cross-section of musical styles - from
"Dylan-esque" chording to bluegrass, celtic, jazz, old standards - the
whole gamut. I'd especially LOVE to hear from some of the "old
masters", and ESPECIALLY harmonica ensembles, and some of the newest
members on the lists.

I will not add a submission to the disc which is gratuitously vulgar,
or one that has such poor recording quality as to not be useful. I
will also not accept recordings of LW, SBW, et.al. - these must be
YOU. Other than that, I won't edit what you send.

This is a NOT FOR PROFIT, NON-PAYING proposition. If you only play for
money, don't bother to tell me so - just ignore me.

By the way - who's going to do this if we don't? I don't see anyone
rushing forward to put this together. If you are a harmonica player,
and you DON'T want to contribute to this, please consider one thing:
THIS MAY BE YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY to share the music we all love with
a fine, select group of associates - the BEST audience you could ever
hope to have (except maybe at a SPAH convention). But what if you get
hit by a bus BEFORE the next SPAH? I would HATE to lose an opportunity
to hear you play. I'm going to cotribute to this - and I assure you, I
probably don't play as well as 95% of you. But if I contribute to
this, I'll have a snapshot of where my skill-level WAS, so I can look
back and see how I've IMPROVED.

If you'd like to contribute 1 or 2 songs to the disc, email me
[OFFLIST], and I'll keep track of all the emails I get. Your
contribution can be in the form of an MP3, an Audio CD, or a cassette
tape (don't send your song yet - just let me know you're willing to).

If you'd like to PURCHASE a disc, email me [OFFLIST], and I'll keep
track of all the emails I get. The cost of the discs will be the cost
of materials and postage ONLY (about $5.00, pre-paid). DON'T SEND YOUR
MONEY YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I get a BOATLOAD of contributors, I'll put the songs on the disc in
MP3 format  - if I get fewer than that, I'll make Audio discs (for
your CD player).

NOTE: If I don't get enough commitments to BUY a disc, I won't bother
accepting your submissions. I figure "enough" to be around 50-100

I'm going to send this email to all the lists, repeatedly, for about a
month or longer (once every week or 2) with updates on contribution /
purchase commitments. I may contact some of you directly to solicit
recordings (don't be offended if I DON'T contact you - just give me a

I'll do this "pressing" ONE TIME ONLY - once I send out the discs, I
won't do a second run, so do let me know if you THINK you're
interested. I imagine we could get this done within three months or
less if we all (me, too!) get off our duffs.

If we get a good response, and everyone likes the result, we'll try to
do it agin in a year or so.

NEXT TO LAST: if you don't like the idea - I don't care to hear from
you - just ignore me - let's not turn this into a political flame war.
Please keep your comments, criticisms, contributions and suggestions
[OFFLIST] - let's not choke the bandwidth with this, OK?

FINALLY, I would WELCOME any advice from any of you with EXPERIENCE
from the former versions of this disc.
- -Scorcher

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