Intro and Reed Protection

Hi, everybody!

         My name's Lucky and I know harp-l since 1998 (I guess) but I just 
got here some weeks ago. I am very glad for taking part of this incredible 
group. Once more, harp shows to be a very special instrument. I really don´t 
know any other musicians who help each other as harpers do. It's great!
         I have been playing harp for several years here in Brazil and now I 
am studying a lot about harp maintenance. Some time ago, I heard about a 
kind of product technicians are using to protect reed from getting out of 
tune. I suppose it's a kind of acrilic resin or something like that. Does 
anyone know something about it? It would make my work (if I can call it 
"work" already) to last longer!!!

         I hope you forgive my English mistakes! Thank you all for exist!!

        Lucky Luciano

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