ADMIN please read

Every now and again a thread will start that strays from the mission
statement of harp-l.  Please do not respond on list to these sorts of
threads.  If you have a problem with a thread or post please do direct
your comments and concerns to the Listowner.  My policy has been and will
continue to be one of handling this type of problem off list and
privately.  The responsibility for decisions regarding appropriateness of
threads and arbitration of these types of issues rests solely with the
Listowner.  Thank you for your cooperation, now back to your regularly
scheduled programming.

On another note, just a reminder that  now
contains a pretty up to date archive of harp-l going back to the begining
of the list.  I've gotten a lot better at finding what I'm looking for,
the search engine has a learning curve.  You can also read current
archives at    Search for harp-l-archives once you get
there.  You don't need a yahoo address to view them or access them.  This
is an archive only group so direct posting isn't possible.  Thanks

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