Re: Harp-L Y2Blow disc

>A similar topic came up on HarpOn! recently, and Tinus, I believe,
>made the suggestion that producing and distributing a disc was
>largely unnecessary.  If someone can provide server space and an
>interface, or this can be negotiated with an existing service (such
>as, contributors could upload MP3 files, which interested
>parties can download and listen to at will.  It would save someone
>considerable effort and expense.

Rick Beal has done a very effective job with his Blues Jam.  It has a page
where people can upload their sound files for his Jam.
Winslow set up a site where people could upload their sound files when we
were playing a simple song in 2nd position to see how well we could meld
bent note tone into a relatively simple tune.

If its possible to do these things, then it must be entirely possible for a
site to be set up that accepts MP3s from Harp-L, Harp On! and Slidemeister
members.   Yes, Slidemeister are currently talking about sharing music files
as well.

I would offer space on my sites, unfortunately Angelfire in a move to defend
themselves cripple any MP3s uploaded to the site, however other formats like
MS media files and Real Audio files work well so I can offer about 40Mb on
both these sites.  If someone will help me with the coding and setup, I'm
happy to set about making this available.
I'd probably set it up so that there would be two or more categories of
music which would be how files would be allocated to one site or the other.

Perhaps Winslow or Rick would be willing to lend me a hand with their
knowledge.  Perhaps they would be willing to offer some web storage space as
We could always add further categories of music and use that as a way to
include the other site's space too...  I don't know, but I'm sure something
could be sorted out.

  I'd like to see something happen in this respect and theres no reason why
we couldn't make this a combined effort between the popular email groups in
our community.

Best regards,

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