Hanging around forever.

Robb Bingham wrote:
> ... Doesn't anyone else
> wonder how people come out of nowhere every couple
> months, and talk like they have been on this list for
> forever? ...

Well Robb,
  Unlike you, there a large number of genuine people on this list who follow
the list but don't find the need to post until the occassion when they have
something useful to contribute.

  You used to post under a number of false identities.
You've changed your name a few times.
You've raved on all sorts of unrelated topics for unfathomnable reasons as
if you have insights into the bigger picture and are some kind of demented
political narrator for the harmonica community which is of no constructive
use to any of us.
  Personally I think you are prescribing too much of your own drugs to
yourself, or perhaps not enough.
  Heres an idea, may be you should consider getting a second opinion on your
medical treatment by real expert rather than relying on your own
credentials.  It may actually improve your quality of life.
  I know we promised to ignore each other last year, but I for one have
quite frankly had a gutsful of your insane verbal crap on this public
group - it lowers the tone and does nothing for our community as a whole.
  Next time you feel like posting these weird emails to a public group of
over 1000 people, perhaps you should try consuming a couple of panadol and a
long gentle walk and try getting some fresh air into your lungs instead, it
might help clear your head of all those voices.

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