Re: Hanging around forever and XB-40

Alec Drachman wrote:
> I've been on harp-l since '97 and I still love it. 
> I used to post a lot...

I started lurking on harp-l in late 1996, started posting in 1997, 
and by mid-1998 -- with a crappy job and not much else to occupy my 
time in the office -- I was the top poster.  Not something I'm 
particularly proud of.  It's hard to hear others if you're the one 
talking all the time.  Still, I managed to learn a lot, and mostly 
learned to shut up and play, and when I can't play, listen to others.

> I got my XB-40 and it's pretty cool. That 10 hole 
> is a problem though. I can barely get it to sound 
> and I'm pretty proficient at blow bends - even the 
> elusive 1/2 step bend in hole 10. One of these times
> I'll get around to tweaking it and I'll get back to 
> you all. I'd say it is a 90% good harp, though. :-)

I give my XB-40 about 80-85%.  Funny, I have an easier time making 
all the overbends than just getting a straight 10 hole blow on my XB-
40.  I'm spending my time on the former, the XB is spending a lot of 
time in the box.

- -tim

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