Re: Hanging around forever and XB-40

I've been on harp-l since '97 and I still love it. I used to post a lot, but
now I have two kids in music lessons, soccer, etc. and I play in two
sometimes three bands. Every once in a while I try to answer a question for
someone and this is always the first place I go when I have a question
myself. I also refer all my students to harp-l.

Harp content - I got my XB-40 and it's pretty cool. That 10 hole is a
problem though. I can barely get it to sound and I'm pretty proficient at
blow bends - even the elusive 1/2 step bend in hole 10. One of these times
I'll get around to tweaking it and I'll get back to you all. I'd say it is a
90% good harp, though. :-)

Alec Drachman

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> Robb Bingham wrote:
> > ... Doesn't anyone else
> > wonder how people come out of nowhere every couple
> > months, and talk like they have been on this list for
> > forever? ...
> I have been on this list forever, almost seven years.  I can't even
> who I was seven years ago.  My harp playing is slightly better so the list
> does work.
> Sam
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