Re: charlie sayles

A few weeks ago I met him in Holland when he was touring in  Europe.
The drummer and bassplayer from my band were asked to act as a backing group
together with Charlie's guitarplayer.
During the 2nd set Charlie asked me to come on stage and play some songs
with him. He played only acoustic (like he almost always does..) and I
played amplified . We did some Little Walter tunes and it went pretty well.
I was impressed by his tone and he was very aware of  what he had to do to
have this tone.
We talked about harps, customizing and it looked like a whole new world went
open for him. I let him play on my Tony Ramos Marine Band and he couldn't
believe it was "just a Marine Band"... :-))
I offered him one of my customized Hering vintage harps and he was very
happy to have such a harp.
We had a nice chat, a very fine gig, a few drinks, lots of fun........

If you ever have the chance to jam with him, don't hesitate....

Ben Bouman

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