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Who cares. Lets talk harmonica. I'm tired of this dribble. Your wasting
bandwith!!! Go away!!!

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> >I mean it's great to generate threads but even I only
> >did it- in the day- to tell rude hotheads how I
> >REALLY felt.
> Ah... so it was OK for you to do it but not OK for
> others,... or have I
> misunderstood this?
> Douglas t
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> =============
> I should have added, ~offlist~. But it was never
> ~okay~ [and not always offlist]. That was my point
> though- to address the contradiction before you, or
> another of my detractors did.
> But like they say, ~There's no zealot like a convert~.
> I find myself curling my lip into a sneer and less
> interested in following a conversation when I know I'm
> being manipulated. Whether it's men pretending to be
> women, or Harp-l veterans pretending to be gung-ho
> neewbies.
> As I said, I used pseudonyms, years ago, but my
> intention was to find a way to speak honestly without
> getting death threats [once when the list rallied to
> demand that ~Christ~ never be mentioned, even on
> Christmas] and another time when the vocal minority
> [with 10 names a piece] rallied to tell us how 911 was
> all our fault.
> Not to forget the time I thought Ironman and Coast To
> Coast were plotting to dull the list down with 10
> posts a day on perfect pitch or TB- - -WAIT! Maybe I
> was right.
> No. Deception always sucks. And always gets exposed.
> But the internet has changed, no? When this started I
> was getting online through DOS and thought ~LOL~ was a
> usenet teen sex site. When this started the nerds
> ruled and could shout us down by lording their
> superior technological insights over us. No longer the
> case. We can MAKE you guys talk about Blues and bar
> fight etiquette now- no matter how hard you try to
> make us feel uncouth for not having Polka or ~Peg O My
> Heart~ in our repertoire.
> Happy Thanksgiving All. I am swimming in gratitude
> today, and hope ya'll are too.
> Robb
> Harp Thanksgiving:
> XB 40
> Replacement reeds
> Harp Commander
> Tubes
> That I don't have to use the slide if I don't want to
> Kim Wilson
> Paul Delay [stay well Paul. We need you].
> Muddy Waters and Little Walter
> My first Gospel teacher who taught me that it's not
> only ~ok~ to slide into a note -it's hot.
> My new soundroom [and for lightweight soundboard]
> Controlled reluctance
> PS: A special thanks to England for eschewing elitism
> and staying true to your very best pupil. You won't
> regret your loyalty.
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