>I mean it's great to generate threads but even I only
>did it- in the day- to tell rude hotheads how I
>REALLY felt.

Ah... so it was OK for you to do it but not OK for
others,... or have I
misunderstood this?

Douglas t

I should have added, ~offlist~. But it was never
~okay~ [and not always offlist]. That was my point
though- to address the contradiction before you, or
another of my detractors did.

But like they say, ~There's no zealot like a convert~.
I find myself curling my lip into a sneer and less
interested in following a conversation when I know I'm
being manipulated. Whether it's men pretending to be
women, or Harp-l veterans pretending to be gung-ho

As I said, I used pseudonyms, years ago, but my
intention was to find a way to speak honestly without
getting death threats [once when the list rallied to
demand that ~Christ~ never be mentioned, even on
Christmas] and another time when the vocal minority
[with 10 names a piece] rallied to tell us how 911 was
all our fault.

Not to forget the time I thought Ironman and Coast To
Coast were plotting to dull the list down with 10
posts a day on perfect pitch or TB- - -WAIT! Maybe I
was right.

No. Deception always sucks. And always gets exposed.

But the internet has changed, no? When this started I
was getting online through DOS and thought ~LOL~ was a
usenet teen sex site. When this started the nerds
ruled and could shout us down by lording their
superior technological insights over us. No longer the
case. We can MAKE you guys talk about Blues and bar
fight etiquette now- no matter how hard you try to
make us feel uncouth for not having Polka or ~Peg O My
Heart~ in our repertoire.

Happy Thanksgiving All. I am swimming in gratitude
today, and hope ya'll are too.


Harp Thanksgiving:
XB 40
Replacement reeds
Harp Commander
That I don't have to use the slide if I don't want to
Kim Wilson
Paul Delay [stay well Paul. We need you].
Muddy Waters and Little Walter
My first Gospel teacher who taught me that it's not
only ~ok~ to slide into a note -it's hot.
My new soundroom [and for lightweight soundboard]
Controlled reluctance

PS: A special thanks to England for eschewing elitism
and staying true to your very best pupil. You won't
regret your loyalty.

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