Tigerman tone?

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I apoligize if this has been discussed at length, but I haven't found 
anything in the archives. 
While we're on the subject of rigs, what are the details of KW's Tigerman 
rig? I don't need scolded about personal tone, I work on that constantly, 
and practice 99.672% of the time accoustic. I can bend valved reeds, and 
my eyeballs buzz with resonance after "lifting weights" with the 64, so to 
speak. I'm definately not obsessed with rigs, either.  I just happen to 
appreciate a classy amped sound, and would like to treat myself to more of 
it. Can someone enlighten me on this one, and does the rest of the album 
have the same sound? How about other artists? One of my other faves is LW 
on Watch Yourself.


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