Harmonica Honker Microphone for Sale

I'm selling a great live performance microphone - The Harmonica Honker 
made by Alan Elliott.  This microphone is a small high-quality electret 
condensor microphone built into a all-rubber (neoprene) ring housing 
that slips over any finger.  There is a small volume knob mounted right 
on the ring which is easily adjusted while playing.  The microphone is 
run through a slender but durable cable into a small attached 
pre-amp/disortion unit which clips on your belt or pocket.  The pre-amp 
unit is about the size of a cigarette pack (1" x 2 1/4" x 2 3/4 ") and 
is powered by an internal 9V battery.  The pre-amp control fades from a 
very clean acoustic signal to a very raunchy Chicago sound which Elliott 
describes as "Full Honk."   The pre-amp has a 1/4 in. guitar plug which 
you use to plug directly into an amp, a wireless rig, or an effects 
box/pedal.  Or you can plug into a direct box and go straight into the 
PA.  All of the parts are very high quality.  These things sound great 
and you never worry about dropping it.  With this unit your hands are 
completely free to do all kinds of Sonny Terry style hand effects that 
you simply can't do when using a bullet style mic.  But you can also get 
an incredibly tight cup because the ring microphone is so small inside 
your hands.  A final huge plus is that these things are very feedback 
Pictures, sound samples, current prices, testimonials, and usage tips 
can be found at the manufacturer's (Alan Elliott) website: 

These microphones tied for first place in a Planet Harmonica microphone 
evaluation - with a score of 4+ on a 5 point scale.  You can read the 
review at: http://planetharmonica.com/ph2/VE/TMResultatsUK.htm

Elliott is selling these new for $180.  Mine is in very good condition 
and I'll let it go for $125 including shipping.  I'll also include a 
zippered carrying case and 8 foot guitar cable in the deal.  Please feel 
free to contact me with any questions.  I'm selling because I'm no 
longer performing in amplified situations.  I will accept Paypal, money 
order, or cashiers check.

Thanks for reading,


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